AP Automation for Intacct

MineralTrees AP Automation for Intacct provides value – added features — including automatic invoice capture and storage, and advanced invoice and payment processing.

You continue to use Intacct as you’re used to, except now you’ll get automated invoice capture, advanced approval workflow capabilities, and payment execution directly from your business bank account.

And, the real-time, two-way sync with Intacct means all your invoice, payment, and vendor information is always up-to-date.

Intacct + MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay lets you

Support single-entity and multi-entity set-ups

Enter bills in Intacct, then sync them automatically with MineralTree

Store unlimited documents – and search within them, quickly and easily

Enjoy advanced payment controls, including segregation of duties and dual authorization

Authorize and send payments via a standardized process, no need for different workflows for check, ACH payments, single-use virtual card or corporate credit card payments

Get enhanced security features, like two-factor verification codes, Positive Pay, and $100,000 annual online payment fraud protection with MineralTree SilverGuard

Initiate robust invoice approval workflows – without requiring approvers to be Intacct users

AP Automation for Intacct  FAQs

Does MineralTree support dimensions?

Yes, MineralTree fully supports all eight Intacct standard dimensions.

Do MineralTree users require Intacct licenses?

A single admin user is all you need to set up an unlimited number of MineralTree users.

How does MineralTree support Intacct Multi-Entity?

Customers can either sync individual entities to individual MineralTree “companies” or sync them all to one MineralTree company via the root entity.

Where are bills entered — in MineralTree or in Intacct?

For convenience and flexibility, you can enter them into either system. Automated invoice capture is available for documents uploaded or emailed by you and your vendors, completely eliminating manual invoice entry.

Three big reasons to try MineralTree AP Automation for Intacct

  1. Automated invoice capture, routing, and coding before anyone even touches an invoice
  2. One workflow approves and sends all payment types including check, ACH payments, virtual card or corporate credit card payments – without needing manual file transfers and printing checks
  3. Bi-directional synchronization means all invoice, payment, and vendor information appears within Intacct so you can leverage Intacct’s powerful features and reporting tools

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