AP Automation Built for Sage 100 Users

For Sage 100 users, we can help you automate large payment volumes.

Whether you are leveraging Sage 100 Standard, Advanced, or Premium, MineralTree is built to support and streamline your existing accounts payable process with an API-level integration.

It’s typical for companies using Sage 100 that are growing rapidly to face challenges scaling and to managing increasing payment volumes. To avoid late fees, capitalize on every possible early pay discount, and effortlessly keep track of every invoice, companies are turning to AP Automation to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Sage 100 + MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay lets you

Automate Batch Posting and PO Matching

Route invoices for approval based on vendor name and invoice amount

Benefit from payment flexibility

Authorize and send payments via a standardized process, rather than following a different workflow for check, ACH and credit card payments

Get new security features, including two-factor verification codes and Positive Pay

Board any commercial credit card or virtual card enabling businesses to earn valuable rewards and cash back

Sage 100 integration FAQs

What versions of Sage 100 do you support?

We support Sage 100 Standard, Sage 100 Advanced, and Sage 100 Premium.

Can customers choose sync frequency between MineralTree and Sage 100?

Yes. customers are able to choose how often information transfers between systems.

Do payments sync back to Sage 100?

Yes. Once payments have been issued from MineralTree, the payment data automatically syncs back to Sage 100 to close out your open invoices.

Does MineralTree support segmentation of vendors through vendor numbering?

Yes. All vendor numbering is supported throughout MineralTree.

Three big reasons to automate Accounts Payable

  1. By adding MineralTree invoice and payment automation, you can stay with Sage 100 as you grow, avoiding the cost of implementing a more expensive solution
  2. One workflow to authorize and send payments of all payment types without printing physical checks
  3. Automated invoice approval, routing, and payment execution

Calculate the ROI of Automating Accounts Payable

The benefits speak for themselves when you invest in technology to streamline your accounts payable.

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