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JustGive Eliminates 6,000+ Paper Checks each Month with MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, Saving an Estimated $75,000

Online donation platform saves time and money while streamlining operations and executing faster payments to nonprofits

Cambridge, Mass., February 10, 2016

JustGive, a nonprofit for online giving, connects individuals and businesses with the charities and causes they care about most. As such, the organization is an intermediary between online donors and more than 1.8 million charities worldwide. By partnering with MineralTree to automate the processes involved with making about 61,000 payments to charities each year, the organization is saving nearly $75,000 annually while getting critical funds to beneficiaries faster.

JustGive makes charitable giving easy by allowing donors to give online via credit card. It then distributes funds to the receiving charities, and was doing so through a manual and time-consuming monthly ritual of printing and mailing paper checks. The nonprofit was processing between 6,000 and 15,000 paper checks each month–a daunting task with just eleven employees.

“We had two temporary employees dedicated to printing checks and three temporary employees stuffing and mailing envelopes. The entire process would take about three weeks before it would start again,” said Julia Hughes, Product Manager at JustGive.

It became clear that JustGive needed a better way to process payments. After evaluating several options, the team selected MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, an automated solution that allows JustGive to release a large volume of payments while ensuring that it follows approval controls that meet compliance requirements.

With MineralTree’s web-based service, JustGive simply uploads payment information and checks are automatically printed with JustGive and each recipient nonprofit’s information and digitally signed. The checks are then mailed directly to all the individual nonprofits.

To meet JustGive’s strict compliance standards, MineralTree makes payments directly without the use of intermediary accounts and generates Payment Reports with pertinent details on the number of payments processed.

JustGive can now quickly and easily disburse monthly payments directly from its bank account to thousands of charities within a few days. This has reduced the time-to-receipt of checks significantly, eliminating issues with late payments.

JustGive anticipates that its MineralTree implementation will save over $75,000 per year. Additionally, JustGive no longer worries about training new temporary hires or allocating use of printers that were endlessly occupied.

“Not only are we saving money—eliminated thousands of dollars on temporary workers, printers, ink, paper and more—but we’re also freeing up valuable time for our staff,” said Director of Programs Andrea Lloyd.

About JustGive

JustGive is a renowned nonprofit organization that utilizes the power of the Internet for online giving. Founded in 1999 by Kendall Web, JustGive’s mission is to increase charitable giving by connecting individuals and businesses with the charities and causes they care the most about. The destination for online charitable giving®, San Francisco-based JustGive has sent more than $353 million to over 141,000 charities.

JustGive offers donors innovative ways to give, enables nonprofits to collect donations online, and creates giving campaigns for companies to incorporate social responsibility and philanthropy into their business goals. With more than 1.8 million charities in the database, JustGive makes it simple for donors to support their favorite causes.

About MineralTree

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