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Express Locations Slashes Time Spent on Accounts Payable with MineralTree

The #1 T-Mobile Premium Retailer Uses MineralTree To Process AP On-The-Go

Cambridge, Mass., September 7, 2016

Express Locations, the leading T-Mobile Premium Retailer (TPR) for T-Mobile USA, has transformed its invoice-to-payment process with MineralTree. MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay for QuickBooks enables growing businesses to easily capture invoices, route them for approval, submit for authorization, and execute payments on-the-go.

Express Locations previously had a manual and cumbersome process that required extensive work in Excel before entering invoices into QuickBooks. In 2014, Kristi Delozier, Accounting Specialist at Express Locations, began to look for automated solutions that would improve their Accounts Payable (AP) process.

“We needed a solution that would provide our CFO with on-the-go access so vendor payments would be processed on-time,” said Delozier. “With MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, we can simply push a button to execute check or ACH payments.”

For Express Locations, one of the major benefits was the automated invoice capture feature. Recently released for QuickBooks, invoice capture enables users to email invoices into the MineralTree solution. Within 24 hours, invoice data is automatically extracted and ready for review and approval.

Unlike traditional optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which is only 80%-90% accurate, MineralTree’s process is 99.5% accurate due to a combination of OCR technology and human review. “Once we enabled invoice capture, the time I spent on importing one invoice went from 2:23 minutes to 1:03 minutes,” recalls Delozier.

Express Locations also wanted a solution that could eliminate paper invoices and storage. MineralTree offers unlimited document storage and converts all uploaded files into easily searchable PDFs at no additional cost. “During our most recent audit, we saved time by being able to pull documents right from MineralTree with their search feature. This process used to be so time consuming with us searching through filing cabinets and hoping an invoice was in the right location,” says Delozier.

MineralTree continues to improve the Accounts Payable and payment process for Express Locations. “With ongoing product enhancements and consistent communication, MineralTree has truly developed a partnership with my company and I know they will continue to expand their product to meet our growing needs,” states Delozier.

“Our goal is to transform the Accounts Payable process for all of our customers. With Express Locations, we have developed a relationship where they give us valuable feedback that is often times implemented into the product. This is the type of partnership we strive to have with all of our customers,” says Rosetta Rajoyan, Director of Customer Success at MineralTree.

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